Optical Design Of LED Reflector

Product Details


1, can be provided with reflective glass optical design services

2, high precision, can maximize the intent of the design.

3, reasonable optical shop area, spot uniformity.

4, aluminum reflector cup, high temperature, with auxiliary heat function

5, long life.

6, product consistency

7, the light source in different sizes, shapes and different lighting requirements, the light reflector can be made very simple and can be done very precise.

8, small spotlights, floodlights - requires only a small area close to the lighting, to facilitate construction. Low cost of such lamps, requiring a simple, no mold, aluminum metal can be cut into a shape.

9, spot lights stadium lights can not be used by or provided in the stadium stands in the middle, irradiation distance, the reflector optical technology high reflectivity requirements are high, generally require metal forming die.

Reflective glass

With a point light source lamp as a light source, you need the remote spot lighting reflector, generally cup-shaped, commonly known as the reflector cup

Three basic conditions for spotlighting

1, the point of the power lamp. The smaller the luminous body of the light source, the condenser, the better.

2, sophisticated multi-focus reflector cup.

3, accurate positioning of the lamp concentric structure.

10, reflective glass materials and the advantages and disadvantages

11, reflective glass can be made of three kinds of materials: metal, plastic and glass temperature. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1, the metal reflector cup: the need to stamping, polishing process is completed, there is distortion of memory, the advantage of low cost, temperature, commonly used in low lighting requirements of the lighting.

2, plastic Reflector: a complete release, high precision optics, invisible change memory, moderate cost, the disadvantage is the poor temperature resistance, commonly used in high-temperature small torches and portable lamps.

3, glass Reflector: a complete release, high precision optics, invisible change memory, temperature, the disadvantage is the high cost, fragile, heavy. Often used in high-quality products without moving in. Such as film projectors, lighting, locomotive lights.

Reflectivity, the coating layer reflects visible light efficiency. Vacuum plating meson highest, followed by vacuum aluminum, anodic oxidation lowest.

1, vacuum plating meson: used in glass reflector cup. Meson not only has the highest visible light reflectance, light bulbs infrared able to pass through the meson, heat dissipation function and extend the lamp life.

2, vacuum aluminum: used temperature plastic and metal reflector cup. Reflective rate, is the main coating technology cars and most lamps. The disadvantage is that the bulb will produce ultraviolet reflector cup whitening, reduce reflectivity; infrared and can not penetrate the aluminum layer is reflected back to the lamp, the lamp continues to heat up, affecting lamp life.

3, anodizing: used in metal reflector cup. Reflective aluminum vacuum effective rate of less than half. The advantage is not afraid to ultraviolet, infrared damage, or even washed with water.


Aluminum reflector cup vacuum technology, aluminum layer thickness of not more than 10μm, acids, alkalis can chemically react, thereby reducing the reflectivity. Reflective glass can not touch, but can not use water to clean.

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