Aluminum Reflector Cup

Product Details


1, The production of various types of LED reflector cup, spotlights light cup, torch reflectors, metal halide lamp reflector cup.

2, Surface treatment: according to the needs of the guests do anodizing, vacuum coating, anodizing, sandblasting, spray, spray paint, and other. The pattern can be made into diamonds, honeycomb, fringe, beading, pitting sticks and other patterns according to customer requirements.

3. Our factory can produce all kinds of aluminum reflector cup products. Aluminum processing thickness: 0.5-5mm; can complete the barrel, conical, parabolic, horn type, bullet type and other products of mass processing tasks.

4, Can be made according to customer requirements designed various beam angle reflectors. Anti-shot product very high, spot uniformity, good quality.

5, Skilled workforce and improve the quality control system.

Huida Metal is one of the leading China aluminum reflector cup manufacturers, welcome to wholesale customized aluminum reflector cup products from our factory.