The Metal Cup CNC Spinning

Product Details


1, CNC spinning metal cup, a good process of material deformation, suitable for processing high-strength hard deformable material, but also for stainless steel, a spinning copper, iron, aluminum and other metals.

2, high material utilization, low production costs.

3, can greatly reduce processing costs and the investment costs of the mold.

4, one spinning, simply eliminating the weld discontinuities related to the intensity decreases, and the tensile stress concentration embrittlement and other ills.

5, the product looks beautiful, and various colors of spray paint, spray, anodizing processing. Spinning parts finish, no distortion, no oval solve the parts forming after poor finish, balance difficult puzzles.

6, in the spinning process, since the spinning blank approximated by point deformations, therefore, any slag, mezzanine, cracks, blisters and other defects easily exposed. Thus, the spinning process also comes to play a role in product inspection.

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