Metal Parts CNC Spinning

Product Details


1, the spinning process is a rotating metal blank by a point applicator calendar force to deform the metal material grains rearranged to obtain the desired shape, dimensions, accuracy. It combines the forging, extrusion, drawing, rolled, bent and roll and other technological features. Especially for thin-walled, forming part of the rotor.

2, with effort, energy saving, high-precision parts, surface quality, material utilization, low production cost, low tooling costs, wide range of products features.

3, has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, military, petrochemical, aerospace and other fields.

4, wide adaptation of the material, that is suitable for processing high-strength hard deformable material, also suitable for stainless steel, spinning copper, iron, aluminum and other metal forming.

5, in the spinning process, since the spinning blank approximated by point deformations, therefore, any slag, mezzanine, cracks, blisters and other defects easily exposed. Thus, the spinning process also comes to play a role in product inspection.

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